Hare Alert by John Wilder

Description: Painting depicting a brown hare standing on its hind legs in dry grass.

Date painted: 1987

Media: Watercolour and gouache on paper

Dimentions: 647 x 485mm

About the Artist: John Wilder was born 1946 in Essex. Self-taught, he did not begin painting until his late thirties. He switched from his career as a builder to become a full-time artist. He specialises in British wildlife. His work tends to approach the animal in a highly detailed manner and treat the surrounding landscape more freely.

Interesting fact: Wilder was first inspired to paint when he saw a painting by Sir Alfred Munnings (said to be one of England’s finest painters of horsea (1878 – 1959)) which he felt, although it ‘looked’ right, was anatomically incorrect. So Wilder drew it to find out what Munnings had done and why.

Display: This painting was recently displayed as part of ‘Nature’s Code’ October 8th – 20th 2019, an exhibition exploring the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio; how they appear in nature, works of art and their perceived relationship to beauty.

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