Children’s Activity Days at Nature in Art

We are currently working on our Summer holiday activities (please note these will be different to what was originally advertised, due to the restrictions because of Covid 19).

We are still waiting for an opening date. As soon as we know we can run the activities we will post them online for you to book on to. We look forward to (hopefully) seeing you soon.

* In March we had a Fundraising Day and had a Mothers Day Hamper Raffle.

Emily Hill you are the winner of the hamper (because of what has happenend it has been in storage). You have given us the wrong telephone number. please email Catherine so we can arrange a time to pick up your hamper. Thank you!

Activities you can do at home while on Lockdown:

Paper Mosaic:

This picture of a hare is made of hundreds of different pieces of paper which have been stuck down to look a bit like a mosaic. Some of the bits are actually old paintings the artist didn’t like and, rather than throwing the pictures away they chopped them up!

To make the moon shine, they have also used pieces of foil.

  • Draw a template -keep it simple. (If you have tracing paper, it is easier to trace your design and transfer it to paper)
  • Use different types of paper/card/packaging to fill in your design.
  • Cut or rip the paper into smaller pieces and stick on your template. (ripping is good for feather)

*Tip -use tweezers to help you hold and stick the little pieces down.

** – You get different effects when you cut and rip the paper. Why not experiment with both.

Egg Shell Mosaic:

  • Save your egg shells and thoroughly wash them.
  • Paint /dye the egg shells.
  • When they are dry -break the egg shells up into pieces.
  • Decide what you are going to do your picture on (this was done on a tile but you could use a card base, a box frame, flower pot). This will determine how big your design can be.
  • Draw a template – keep it simple.
  • Use the egg shell pieces to fill in your design. Use PVA glue to stick the egg shells down.
  • When your design is finished, carefully cover it with PVA glue. This will hep to stick all of the pieces down and will add a shine/gloss to your design.

*Tip -use tweezers to help you hold and stick the little pieces down.



  • Draw your design using dots (or lightly sketch your design and then go over it with dots)
  • Fill in/colour your design using dots only (end of your paint brush/cototn bud/finger)

*Tip – why not experiment with different dots:

Use different colours for each section.

Use just black dots – create shading by putting dots closer together.

Use different sized dots.

If you are struggling for ideas please email Catherine and she will share some activities with you.

Stay safe!

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