Children’s Activity Days at Nature in Art

Due to the uncertainties caused by Covid-19, we have removed our 2020 Activity Day programme brochure and instead will be updating these pages as and when we are able to offer holiday activities.

We did manage to run activities during the October half-term. The themes each day were:

  • Monday 26th Oct – Leaf Painting
  • Tuesday 27th Oct – Wax Resist
  • Wednesday 28th Oct – Puzzle Tree
  • Thursday 29th Oct – Decoupage
  • Friday 30th Oct – Halloween Crafts
  • Sunday 1st Nov – Fabulous Fireworks

To receive information and updates on future sessions please send a request by email Catherine.

We are of course keeping an eye on the government guidelines regarding children’s activities and will make changes to our arrangements if necessary.

Don’t forget that Autumn is a fantastic time to be inspired by Nature!


There are various seeds, cones, beautiful coloured leaves and flowers to draw, paint or craft with – all it needs is art materials and some imagination! Using the things that nature provides you could make pictures, sculptures, hanging mobiles, crowns, cards, weaving etc. The possibities are endless.

Have fun!