What’s On

Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Feb 4 – Mar 29 all-day

Now in its fifty-fifth instalment, see the winning images from the very latest annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition which provides a showcase for the world’s very best nature photography selected from 48000 entries from 100 countries. The competition is owned and operated by the Natural History Museum.

See images from the show here

Wallsworth Art Group @ NOT ON SHOW FEBRUARY 26th
Feb 25 – Mar 1 all-day

See a selection of work by the museum art group. On show in the Atrium of our Education Centre.

Gordano Textile Artists: Nature’s Messages
Apr 7 – Apr 19 all-day

Diverse responses by 11 artists to the natural world. While some are environmental warnings or calls to action, others include threats to endangered species, the damage caused by fracking, the preciousness of the air we breathe,the remarkable way trees and fungi connect and signals given by the markings of animals.

Hit List
Apr 7 – May 10 all-day

To coincide with Earth Day, see exhibits throughout the museum exploring the theme of extinction. With a gallery of works by Tom Van Herrewege reminding us of the diversity being lost, go on to see other paintings, drawings and sculpture depicting species that already are, or one day, may not be with us anymore.

British Woodcarvers Association: Power of Nature
May 5 – May 17 all-day

A collection of works by members of the British Woodcarvers Association who are carrying on a tradition that throughout history and across the world has been an important part of man’s creative endeavour. See a broad range of nature inspired work, using a variety of woods and techniques. Meet members most days.

The Wildlife Art Society International
May 23 – May 31 all-day

The Wildlife Art Society International’s annual exhibition of wildlife art. Around 350 paintings, drawings, original prints,photographs and sculptures by professional and part-time members of this active organisation will be on display, the majority for sale. Members demonstrating every day.

Seeing Red
Jun 2 – Jul 19 all-day

A celebration of the colour red, one of the first colours used by artists dating back to prehistory. From orange tinges to deep wine hues, red is all around us. We see it in birds and beetles, leaves and fruits, lava and sunsets, and throughout history it has held significance for cultures around the world.

Anthony Gibbs: A Brush with Light
Jul 21 – Sep 6 all-day

Anthony Gibbs is at the forefront of wildlife art in the UK. His extreme attention to detail whilst never losing the life of the subject, and his portrayal of textures and the play of light have made his work eagerly collected. This stunning display embraces new works together with iconic ones from years past.

UK Colour Pencil Society
Sep 3 – Sep 20 all-day

 A stunning selection of works by members of the UK Colour Pencil Society who, for this annual exhibition, are focusing on the natural world. Expect a wide range of interpretations from the traditional to new and fresh ways of depicting nature.