Children’s Activity Days at Nature in Art

Due to the uncertainties caused by Covid-19, we have removed our 2021 Activity Day programme brochure and instead will be updating these pages as and when we are able to offer holiday activities.

As we are unsure of what restrictions will be in place for the coming months, we do not have any face to face children’s activities available for booking. Thank you for your understanding.

However, we are hoping to be open by May Half-Term and look forward to welcoming you all back!

Please look for updates on this website or sign up for email alerts. For ideas of projects you could do at home, click here


Easter holidays are coming up and the children will be back at home looking for things to do. Why not all go out for a walk in the park, woods, hills or even out in the garden.

Encourage the children to explore, discover things and play. For example -if you come across a hole talk about who lives there? Can you find tracks – who do they belong to? Encourage the children to build dens or make pictures using nature.

Some activities you could do to inspire children:

Rainbow hunt – can they find something to match all the colours of the rainbow?

Scavenger hunt – give the children a list of things to look for – something hard, soft, shiny, sharp, broken, see through etc.

Alphabet hunt – Encourage the children to find things for the different letters of the alphabet – apple, bee, caterpillar, daffodil, ear wig etc. Can they get something for every letter of the alphabet?

Colour hunt – Look for different shades of the same colour – you could use the colour strips from DIY shops like B and Q – and encourage the children to find something that matches each colour.

Listening Walk – stop and listen. Try to block out the man made noises and listen to nature. What can you hear? Can you hear different birds? How many different types of birds can you hear? Can you hear other animals, rustling in branches the wind etc.

*If you are asking the children to collect things, please encourage them to take a photo or only take one petal/leaf and do not take something if there is only one of them.





There is still time to enter our competition:

We would like you to get creative and the theme  is Lilies.

We want you to create a lily/lilies.

You could paint, draw, carve, sew, bake, mould, etc using whatever materials you have available.


When you have finished take a photo of your masterpiece and email  it to

Please give your work a title and tell me what materials you used and your name and age.

Entries will be judged by Simon (director of the museum) and Natasha (a sculptor).

*Remember that are lots of different types of Lilies – Water Lily, Calla Lily, Peace Lily, based on Monet’s Water lily painting etc. If you are looking for inspiration feel free to send me an email and I will try to help you.

** By sending me a photo of your work you are giving us permission to put the photo on the website (if you are not happy with this please let me know and I will not add it to the gallery).

 The deadline for the competition is Saturday 3rd April and we will announce the winners by Friday 9th April.



Here are the amazing entries from our last competition.


We have been busy painting rocks and finding rocks in our area.

If you feel inspired to paint a rock, please send us a photo ( and we will add it to the Gallery to spread the joy and inspire others.