Greeting Cards & Art Materials

Greetings Cards

Many of the greeting cards sold at Nature in Art are designed by artists, some local therefore they often exclusively sold at Nature in Art.

So, if you are searching for that extra special card, the Nature in Art shop is bound to have the ideal choice. Cards include:

Artists cards in all media including prints, textile, encaustic wax and mixed media

Nature and wildlife themed cards

Birthday Ages from 18 onwards

Anniversary and special occasions

Blank cards

Art Materials

Nature in Art stocks a variety of art materials, all of the highest quality but within budget.

Ideal if you intend to undertake an art course at Nature in Art (although please consult your equipment list) or just to update your art equipments sets.

Large selection of Sketch and Art pads.

Packs of pencils, pens and brushes.

Various brushes, mostly suited to watercolour.

Large range of individually priced coloured pencils, pastels and charcoal.

General equipment – including rubbers (also specialist erasers) , sharpeners and pallets.

Please feel free to call 01452 733946 for more details about our stock or

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