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In addition to our extremely popular schools programme delivered in our Education Centre by a dedicated team, we offer a range of Activity Days during the holidays throughout the year. With over 60 sessions usually available during most years, there are a huge range of opportunities for children to try.

Sadly Covid-19 has stopped us meeting together the way we used to. So this selection of videos and flipbooks can be used to help get creative at home.

New for 2021, we plan that this will be a developing selection with new resources being regularly added.

Don’t forget, we’d love to see what you have managed to create! Do email us some pictures!

Spring Activities:

Egg Shell Mosaic:

Paint some egg shells, break them up and use them to make a picture.




Egg Carton Wreath:

Separate the sections of egg cartons, trim the edges into petal shapes and paint. Make a circle ring to stick your “flowers” on to. Add leaves between the flowers.


Easter Wreath:

Make a wreath using twigs (willow was used for this wreath), you may need to tie it with string. Decorate with flowers, Easter decorations, ribbons etc.

Paper Wreaths:

Cut out an template – decorate it. Draw and cut out flowers, bunnies, eggs to decorate your egg.

Finger painting:

Draw your shape. You can either finger paint inside the shape or on the outside. Remember to dab to make dots.


Outdoor Activities:

Encourage the children to explore, discover things and play. For example -if you come across a hole talk about who lives there? Can you find tracks – who do they belong to? Encourage the children to build dens or make pictures using nature.

Some activities you could do to inspire children:

Rainbow hunt – can they find something to match all the colours of the rainbow?

Scavenger hunt – give the children a list of things to look for – something hard, soft, shiny, sharp, broken, see through etc.

Alphabet hunt – Encourage the children to find things for the different letters of the alphabet – apple, bee, caterpillar, daffodil, ear wig etc. Can they get something for every letter of the alphabet?

Colour hunt – Look for different shades of the same colour – you could use the colour strips from DIY shops like B and Q – and encourage the children to find something that matches each colour.

Listening Walk – stop and listen. Try to block out the man made noises and listen to nature. What can you hear? Can you hear different birds? How many different types of birds can you hear? Can you hear other animals, rustling in branches the wind etc.

*If you are asking the children to collect things, please encourage them to take a photo or only take one petal/leaf and do not take something if there is only one of them.





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