Painting in the Moment, Intuitive Art Workshop – Frances Whitman

15th August 2020 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Nature in Art
£45 Members / £55 Non-menbers
01452 733942

My intuitive art workshops aim to give you creative confidence. Providing a nurturing, fun and relaxing space in which you can enjoy the process of creating mixed media artworks. Allowing you to enjoy the creative process, to let go, creating spontaneously, without thinking, without trying to draw precise shapes, trusting your instinct rather than your brain.

Intuitive art is about letting go of fear or expectations, allowing each painting to evolve in its own time, in its own way, allowing something new and unknown emerge. We will be experimenting with lots of different techniques and materials, to include acrylics, acrylic pouring medium, encaustic art, pastels, inks, pencils and more.

I will guide you in the application of each medium and technique, ensuring this workshop is suitable for those that are new to art as well as those that are more experienced. The day will start and end with a short guided meditation. No experience necessary!

To book a place on this course please return a completed application form along with £20 deposit.

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